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What is this app?

This app is used to review and test your recognition and memory of Biblical Greek Verb charts.

Who is this app for?

This is for all the bible college/seminary students out there learning and struggling with their greek verbs. More power to you!

This is also for those that have left college but don't want to leave our greek verbs behind.

How to use this app?

The default mode is the Review mode, that allows you to browse and review the different verb lists.

Test mode hides the verb chart so that you will need to recall them via memory. Then click Reveal to reveal.

If you have a HTML 5 enabled browser. You can also "Star" the verbs that you may be having trouble remembering so that you can come back to them quickly under the "Starred" section.

Please note that if you clear your browser's local storage/cookies, your "Starred" items will be removed.

I hope you will find this app useful for reviewing and practicing your greek verbs.

Thank you

Thank you to Moore College, Sydney Australia and the lecturers who encouraged students like me to love God's word.

Thank you to fellow students especially Kate Nicol, Soph Rowcroft, Dave Irving and Dan Anderson for your kindness in helping the weaker biblical greek brother. I would not have learnt New Testament Greek without your help.

Thank you William D. Mounce for your awesome and very helpful greek textbook.

Version 0.0.8 Beta Testing version

I'm planning on releasing an iPhone version soon.

Note: Please note that for the time being I haven't put in the 2nd aorists, liquid indicatives, contract verbs and participles. Please refer to fuller verb charts for these.

App Development

The Greek Verbs App was developed by Anthony Chung. I work part-time with Macquarie Baptist Church, NSW, Australia to make disciples for Christ and share the gospel with local international students especially from China. I also work as a software and web developer and provide consulting and development for mobile apps and websites especially in the area of e-Learning. I'm currently working on a custom iPad app for a learning management system(Moodle) for a group of bible colleges. You can find out more about my work at Three Thirds.

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